Former ICE head: Separation of children and parents may be permanent

Hundreds of children separated from their parents at the border may never see their parents again says John Sandweg, former acting head of ICE. Further, he says the Trump Administration cruel theatrics at the border does nothing to make our borders safer. Let’s make this front-page news across the country. Circulate this story on social media. Contact your legislators. We can pulverize Trump on this. Because what is happening is stomach-turning. And it was cynically done by Trump and Miller because they thought it would help them in the coming midterm elections. Instead, we need to make sure it blows up in their faces.

Adults and children are put into separate legal systems. The parents can be deported quickly. The kids can spend years in the legal system here while their immigration status is determined. Sandweg says the previous directive was to keep families together and that Trump changed that. Worse, there appears to have been no planning or thought of consequences, and of course, no concern at all for children or parents. He also says this will not stop the immigration because often families are fleeing for horrific situations. They aren’t MS-13. They are trying to escape from situations like where MS-13 are.

Also, conditions in the detention centers are substandard, but you already knew that.

Taxpayers have paid more than $1.5 billion in the past four years to private companies operating immigrant youth shelters accused of serious lapses in care, including neglect and sexual and physical abuse, a Reveal investigation has found.

In nearly all cases, the federal government has continued to place migrant children with the companies even after serious allegations were raised and after state inspectors cited shelters with serious deficiencies, government and other records show.

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