On combating Trump

Combating Trump isn’t a normal political battle. Rather, it is the political equivalent of war. One side will win, the other will be crushed. Once you realize that, many things fall into place. For example, it is pointless to argue with or try to convince hardcore Trump supporters. Instead, focus on those who waver in supporting him. Nixon had a 20% positive rating when he resigned. It didn’t matter. This will happen to Trump too, and then we won’t have to care about his hardcore supporters.

But wait, you say, what if hardcore Trump supporters start waging guerrilla war after he falls? Or what happens if Pence becomes president? The answer to both is the same. It is a political war. We keep fighting until we win. There is no other alternative. This isn’t going to end with a group hug and everyone agreeing to disagree. It just isn’t.

So, there’s no need to bemoan how horrible Trump is, except when to do so would be to our tactical and strategic advantage. Frettting steals time better spent in the fight.

Also, beware of those on the left who constantly counsel that whatever organizing options are put forth, well, they just aren’t good enough, darn it. That we need to look years ahead and organize towards some nebulous goal in the future. These people aren’t our friends, and may be faux leftists (or worse.) The battle is here. Not ten years in the future.

Trump and Co. are looning crazily now, howling it is a witch hunt. That’s because they can’t refute their Russia ties (which are also about corruption too.) Comically, they think somehow they will muster enough public opinion in their favor to stop the investigations. They are delusional. And acting very guilty indeed. While doing major damage.

That’s why they must fall. Get in the fight.

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