Blatant Trump corruption exposed. More is coming.

You didn’t really think intelligence communities, governments and those who don’t want Trump to start a war with Iran were just going to sit by and do nothing? Trump is now out-of-control reckless and desperate to divert attention from his insurmountable legal problems.

They’ve been holding their most damaging intel on Trump to be released if needed and when it does the most damage. Some of it has just been released. Many more, far more damaging releases are coming. Trump declared war on IC and governments., They are responding in kind.

Trump is deeply corrupt and is going to fall. Our job is to do everything we can to hasten the process.

“Michael Cohen ‘asked Qatari investor for millions of dollars’ which he said he would ‘pass to Trump family members’ at Trump Tower meeting – and Qatar’s foreign minister was there too”

China Contributing $500 Million to Trump-Linked Project in Indonesia

Just about everything is odd about Trump’s support of Chinese firm ZTE

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