Useful links for toppling Trump

Louise Mensch’s Team Impeachment Twitter list.
Everyone’s favorite “unhinged British witch.” She’s been correct and early many times on Trump / Russia. Her public Twitter list has about 60 members, all of whom are actively working to topple Trump. If you want to get up to speed on what’s happening, start here.

Mad Dog PAC.
Claude Taylor. Democratic operative. Goes for the jugular. Mad Dog PAC put up billboards, including the “Impeachment Now” in Mar-A-Lago. Other billboards include “NRA is a terrorist organization” and multiple billboards attacking sleazy Republican incumbents. @TrueFactsStated on Twitter.

Committee to Investigate Russia. Investigative journalism.

Eric Garland. Twitter. His game theory rant helped kickstart things.

John Schindler. 20 Committee. Former NSA.

Jay McKenzie. Investigative journalism on Trump, Putin, and the mob.

Rick Wilson. Daily Beast articles. Howlingly funny at times.

Stand Up Republic. Evan McMullin, Mindy Finn. McMullin is one of the people who took down Milo.

Democratic Coalition. Scott Dworkin.
“Nation’s largest grassroots organization dedicated to holding the Trump administration accountable.”

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