Brits order Cambridge Analytica to release data on US voter

In a hugely important test case, a US citizen has won the right to know how Cambridge Analytica got his data and what they did with it. Because Cambridge processed the data in UK, their more open laws apply. Regulators told Cambridge to produce the data within 30 days or face criminal penalties.

It would be a fine idea for each of the hundreds of millions of US voters whose data was used by Cambridge to file similar requests. Let’s bring these bastards to their knees and with any luck, maybe some of them will go to prison.

Cambridge is a key link in interference in the 2016 presidential election. Force it into the light and many rats, snakes, and other vermin will be exposed in the process.

DesmogUK details the various slimy links Cambridge has to extreme-right people and institutions, as shown in the image.

Cambridge Analytica has been ordered to hand over all the data and personal information it has on an American voter, including details of where it got the data and what it did with it, or face a criminal prosecution.

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) served the enforcement notice to the company on Friday in a landmark legal decision that opens the way for up to 240 million other American voters to request their data back from the firm under British data protection laws.

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