The Doddering Dotard says maybe I won’t bomb Syria

So, various factions on the left are even more at war with each other than usual, this time over Syria. Is Assad a monstrous butcher or a fearless fighter against Islamist thugs? Are rebel freedom fighters actually fighting for freedom, and if so, just precisely what kind of freedom is it? Might be the freedom to oppress women and torture dissents.

It might well be there are no good guys in this mess. All of this is made worse by the US changing allies there they way most of us change socks, i.e. daily. Constantly. Worse, no little thought seems to go into what we do there. What is the endgame? What result do we want? Do we think our constant interfering is making anything better for anyone there?

Into this quagmire strides the Doddering Dotard, who first says by golly, we’re going to bomb Assad, which of course gives Assad’s forces plentiful time to prepare and hide. Then a couple of days later Dotard says, only kidding maybe we won’t bomb at all.

Some try to divine some deep hidden plan from into Trump’s bizarre ramblings, like he’s somehow playing n-dimensional chess in hyperspace. Nope, he’s not. He’s an increasingly senile old man who knows that law enforcement has closed in on him and that family, friends, close associates may lose everything and go to prison. He may too.

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