Gutenberg Times. Required reading for what is coming in WordPress

WordPress is replacing its aging engine with an entirely new way of doing things called Gutenberg. Everything will based on blocks, which are little modules of code. Rather than developers writing themes and plugins in their own way (which sometimes step on each others, resulting in plugin incompatibilities, which can be a serious issue) everything going forward will be based on these blocks, and available to all. Themes, plugins, and soon, the editor will be based on these blocks.

Yes, there will be pain. Some plugins and themes will have issues. To stay current with what is happening, I highly recommend reading Gutenberg Times and following their Twitter account. Lots of excellent information, and it’s all in one place.

You can also install Gutenberg for the Editor plugin on your WordPress blog now and test it for any incompatibilities. You can also use the Classic Editor at any time too. The Gutenberg editor will be the default in the upcoming 5.0 version of WordPress. There will be a plugin to allow users to use the Classic editor, so no worries.

I’m creating this post with Gutenberg and really like it. It is easier to use, more intuitive, and more powerful than the Classic editor. Give it a try. (Two paragraphs above has an alternate background color and uses a drop cap. This is complicated to do in Classic Editor and takes just a couple of clicks in Gutenberg.

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