Bernie Sanders seems evasive about Russia bots, influence

Sanders didn’t know early on that Russian bots were promoting his campaign? How very strange. Plenty of us Never Trumpers on Twitter did. And then he did nothing once he knew, apparently? (Except to blame Hillary???)

Bernie’s comments are evasive. Nothing is ever his fault apparently. And why oh why was Tad Devine the chief strategist for his campaign? Devine worked with Manafort in Ukraine promoting the presidency of now-exiled Kremlin puppet Viktor Yanukovych. Well, as Hunter Thompson once said, “lie down with the pigs and they’ll call you swine everytime.”

And while we’re on the subject, Jill Stein, “the goofy grandma,” was mighty nervous and twitchy on the Sunday talk shows this past weekend.

If Stein, Sanders, or anyone in their campaigns took any type of help from sources they knew to be Russian, then they are in big trouble.

(PS. I was a delegate for Sanders in the Nevada primary)

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