Gigawatt 1: Low-cost solar energy for Nevada

Gigawatt 1 will not only be a ginormous solar project in Nevada, it will also provide electricity at way under the current rate for all power in Nevada, not just the renewable rate. This is direct competition to the odious NV Energy which fight innovation, solar, and lower prices relentlessly. They’ve already lost three major casinos, who are getting their power elsewhere now. Gigawatt 1 will accelerate that process.

Switch, based in Las Vegas, has ginormous data centers worldwide.

Switch CEO and Founder Rob Roy’s Gigawatt 1 solar project will be built in Northern and Southern Nevada. The project will produce among the lowest priced solar power in the world and generate enough clean energy to power nearly one million homes. The Gigawatt 1 concept comes from an initiative called Gigawatt Nevada, first proposed by Rob Roy three years ago.


Swiss asset manager Capital Dynamics AG will build a one-gigawatt portfolio of solar farms in Nevada, one of the largest such projects in the U.S., with technology infrastructure company Switch Inc. as an “anchor tenant.” The two companies expect the cost of power generated by Gigawatt 1 to be significantly lower than what the local utility charges.

Green Power on the chart is a premium customers pay for all renewable energy.

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