Extreme right conspiracy loon Laura Loomer knocked upside the head by Vegas

Laura Loomer has worked with the equally nutcase James O’Keefe on Project Veritas, was banned from Uber and Lyft after complaining she could not find a non-Muslim driver, is a vile racist, and rants loudly and often about how horrible everyone is who thinks she is horrible, etc.

She tried to jack her way in to Vegas after the Mandalay shooting and was so obnoxious at press conferences by the sheriff that he shut her down, then pulled her press credentials.

“All of the evidence that is being leaked is further showing how the Deep State is covering it up,” Ms Loomer has previously written on Twitter, describing the FBI as “the Federal Bureau of Islam”.

But she was swiftly silenced by Sheriff Lombardo after asking a leading question about “timeline changes” at Monday’s press conference.

“That’s not how I conduct press conferences” he told her.

“Please stop asking your question. There’s a decorum that we have here.”

Loomer then tried to sleaze her way in Fox 5 in Vegas, demanding to be hired as a journalist. There was a palace revolt. Anchors threatened to quit. Loomer did not get the job. The Fox 5 news director who wanted to hire Loomer may get fired. @LasVegasLocally on Twitter did an exemplary job covering the Fox 5 brouhaha.

Bye bye Laura, Vegas doesn’t want you.

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