The curious case of Chelsea Manning

So, if you haven’t been following (and in these crazy times, just going offline to have lunch means you might have to spend two hours catching up with whatever barking madness happened while you were briefly gone), Chelsea Manning went to an alt-right party over the weekend. When lefties asked, WTF, she rather lamely said she was investigating the righties. Hmm, she was investigating them by chatting them up apparently, having cocktails, while racists ranted from the podium. Well done, super agent Chelsea.

Her excuse might have held, except someone quickly produced a photo of her and alt-right pals at a previous event. She looks like she was having fun, not investigating or protesting them at all. Huh, imagine that.

Adding to all the fun, Manning just declared she is running for Senate in Maryland. Except, she can’t. She is technically still a member of the military as such, cannot run for office.

I’m going to be charitable and say she is just very confused. And can not be trusted.


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