Vegas sheriff releases massive report on Stephen Paddock

Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock did intensive, detailed internet searches about guns and potential places to kill people, and planned the Mandalay Bay shooting meticulously.

There is still no motive or even a clue about motive. Into this void comes any number of nutcases theories, almost exclusively from the far right. Presumably they’ve blamed Hillary’s emails for the shooting by now, Obama too, probably.

Investigators found child porn on Paddock’s computer. They say an arrest could be coming within 60 days and that’s it’s not his girlfriend. They also say there was only one shooter. Sorry, right-wing conspiracy theorists.

We may never know why Paddock did it.

From the Review Journal:

Although the new report fails to hypothesize a motive, it exhaustively explains the many deliberate actions Paddock alone performed in the months and days leading up to the massacre.

“He was indebted to no one and in fact paid all his gambling debts off prior to the shooting,” the police report notes.

“No suicide note or manifesto was found,” another line in the report reads.

“There was no evidence of radicalization or ideology to support any theory that Paddock supported or followed any hate groups or any domestic or foreign terrorist organizations,” Las Vegas detectives added.

Vital Vegas is an excellent, fun Twitter account that also often provides Vegas news before anyone else has it.

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