Some leftists now embrace Fox News propaganda about Trump / Russia

Some on the progressive / far left now have views on Trump / Russia that are indistinguishable from Fox News. It’s all fake news, they loudly proclaim, sounding quite a lot like Hannity. Part of this could be the belief the 1) FBI can never do anything good, 2) US has been bad in the past so anyone opposing the US is an ally.

Of course, the enemy of my enemy of course can also be an enemy. Yet Greenwald, Taibbi, Counterpunch, and others often pretend Trump / Russia is a hoax. It’s really quite curious. A ranking member of a revolutionary Marxist party once told me in complete seriousness that Mugabe must be supported because he stands against imperialism, which is deranged. The first groups thugs like Mugabe kill and torture are the Marxists. It’s ideological blinders like this that cause some leftists to say Trump / Russia news is all fake news.

Far left / Marxist groups (who often have indirect yet major influence through front groups) are mostly comatose about attacking Trump. Presented with a perfect organizing opportunity (corrupt capitalist pig president), they are mostly ignoring it. Other Marxists are of the academic variety. Their idea of organizing is to quote some obscure dead Marxist to counter something another dead Marxist said, the more obscure the better. Yeah, that’ll make the empire tremble in response. However, genuine revolutionary Marxists, like those in PSL and WW – who are quite capable of organizing huge protests – are studiously ignoring this fine opportunity to raise a ruckus. Why?

One of the favorite ploys for do-nothing leftists is to say impeaching Trump might not work and long-term organizing is needed. Yet they are very vague about what to do. Thus they defuse action being taken now by saying better action in the future is needed.

If Trump falls – and he will – he will bring down many with him. Then we can start to repair the damage he’s done. The Trump / Russia charges are not only true, they are the fastest way to make this happen. The Resistance is real and having serious effect. It came out of nowhere and is mostly regular citizens from across the political spectrum. You’d think the hard left would be happy to help and organize among them, but you’d be wrong. Instead, they are mostly dooming themselves to irrelevance.

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