Edward Snowden releases Haven, a bizarre security app

Ok, even ignoring for a moment that Edward Snowden is living in Russia because the government allows him to, his new app Haven is suspect and dangerous because what happens if it is hacked or used for nefarious purposes. If you can be notified your laptop is being hacked, then someone else can do. Or maybe they can jack Haven and monitor the room without you knowing it. Has it been rigorously tested in the wild to insure there are no security issues?

Haven is like home security systems that alert you of intrusions while you are away. They don’t stop the intrusion. Someone walks into the room, plugs a USB drive into the laptop, copies files in, then leaves. What then? You know you’ve been attacked but don’t know what the attack is

Also, as the screenshots show, anyone who know they are being monitored should not leave a vulnerable device unsecured.

Installed on a cheap burner Android device, Haven sends notifications to your personal, main phone in the event that your laptop has been tampered with. If you leave your laptop at home or at an office or in a hotel room, you can place your Haven phone on top of the laptop, and when Haven detects motion, light, or movement — essentially, anything that might be someone messing with your stuff — it logs what happened. It takes photos, records sound, even takes down changes in light or acceleration, and then sends notifications to your main phone. None of this logging is stored in the cloud, and the notifications you receive on your main phone are end-to-end encrypted over Signal.

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