Both parties are fracturing

Conservatives and Republicans are fracturing over Trump. Neocons in particular loathe Trump and implacably oppose him. The Moore Senate race is speeding up the fracturing, splintering, and divisions within the Republican party. Woo-hoo you say, that’s great, can we have more please? Well, sure, except it’s happening with Democrats and lefties too.

The Hillary / Bernie split is now protracted low-intensity warfare. Some lefties and alt-lefties are almost comically becoming indistinguishable from Fox News, ranting that the Russia investigation is fake news and the FBI is part of the conspiracy. Welcome to the New Normal, where earlier alliances and agreements are fast getting destroyed while new alliances form. We’re living in Mr Robot. Yesterday’s ally may become today’s opponent. But that doesn’t stop the fight against the real enemy.

Trump gave a completely unhinged speech last night. The crowd, bless their hearts, chanted “lock her up” apparently unaware that four Trump staffers are facing felony charges. Twitter chatter which has been reliable in the past says many more indictments are coming. This explains why Trump and cohorts are getting so insane. They know the endgame is coming.

Trump will almost certainly not be able to fire Mueller because he would have to fire Rosenstein first, then appoint a replacement who would fire Mueller. The resultant firestorm would make Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre look like a placid tea party. Given that Trump himself has almost certainly been named in sealed indictments, he can’t issue pardons to anyone involved in what the indictment alleges. Mueller has put mob bosses in prison. Trump still thinks acting like a reality show host will allow him to bluff his way out. But he’s really just a toddler.

The end game is coming. Everything up until now has been prelude.


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