Trump lies and evasion are dark comedy

It’s comical watching Trump and Co. make up absurd excuses why lying to the FBI isn’t a crime. Spoiler: It is a crime. This is why if FBI comes knocking at your door and says “Can we ask you some questions?”, the answer should always be “no.” Because then they can’t catch you in a lie, inadvertent or otherwise. (In Flynn’s case, I will go out on a limb and opine that he a lying, greedy weasel who got trapped by his own lies.)

Flynn had little choice when the FBI came calling. Talk to us or you and your son go to prison for a long time, they said. Flynn’s agreement says he can be prosecuted for other crimes if found to be insufficiently helpful. He has said he will testify against Trump. his kids, and White House admin. Now why would FBI agree to prosecute Flynn on a relatively minor charge contingent on him informing, if they thought he and Trumpsters had committed no crimes?

Yet that’s just what Trump is saying. Flynn committed no crime yet lied about it. And that Trump tweet where he stupidly admitted to obstruction of justice wasn’t a tweet from him, someone else wrote it, so he is absolved. Rubbish. The White House a while back said Trump tweets are official. No lawyer, even a Trump lawyer, would write something that incriminating about a client. Nor would they use “pled” rather that “pleaded.” I see that Kellyanne, bless her heart, is babbling about Dowd writing it then sending it to their “director of social media.” Yet Trump has not actually addressed the contents of the tweet directly.

This is like watching Nixon in his final days. All manner of foolish excuses, red herrings, and evasions that wouldn’t fool an eight year old.

Their kingdom is crumbling.

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