Embrace the chaos and topple Trump

We are living in increasingly deranged times, with a mentally unbalanced racist president who spends most of his time playing golf and ranting on Twitter. People are telling me, I can’t take much more of this. Well, we’re all going to have to! Retreating and giving up is not an option. Trump can and will be forced from power. This will happen because millions of people came together and fought, not because they stayed home isolated and felt hopeless. Throughout history, lots of people have been through far worse – and won.

Those who feel the most helpless and in despair are generally those not directly involved in the fight. Getting active gives you power. You find that many others are fighting too. Not just on the left. Plenty of people on the right, notably neocons, have opposed Trump since Day One. They can reach people lefties can’t. And we are winning.

There have been three arrests so far of Trump associates; Manafort, Gates, and Papadopoulos. All of them, plus the odious Gen. Flynn, have almost certainly flipped. This whole process is happening way faster than Watergate. And the moaning during Watergate was the same. Oh, Nixon is too powerful, he’ll never fall. Yet fall he did.

Trump will too. So, get in the fight if you aren’t already!

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