Blocking Skype spam phone calls and messages

Oh lucky me. Just in the past week or so I’ve been getting unsolicited Skype phone calls and messages from Perki McBreasty and her friends. According to their bios and messages, they are hotties, smitten with me, and want to get up close and personal.

Or they could be a den of thieves in Russia looking to scam the unwary. Oh dear, is it unfair of me to say Russia? Actually, no it isn’t. I manage multiple WordPress sites. There are constant attempts to login and hack the sites. The vast bulk of the attacks are from Russia (and Ukraine.) So, that’s probably where these Skype attacks are coming from too (and they are attacks.)

Really Skype, you can’t block obvious spam like this? Because you need to.

After a few days of manually blocking them, I set Skype to only accept calls and notifications from Contacts. This cuts down on, say, a potential overseas client calling me because he got my Skype name from my website. Now we have to be Contacts first. However it does avoid spam call and messages. (I’ve gotten four in two days…)

Notification Settings
Instant Messages from: Contacts Only

Allow Calls From Anyone: Off

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