Tidal turbines online in Pentland Firth producing 6 MW

Tidal turbines, unlike other forms of renewable energy, produce absolutely predictable amounts of electricity because they use tides to generate energy. Atlantis Resources has just completed installation of four tidal turbines in the north of Scotland that look somewhat like wind turbines, except they are installed underwater. These models allow the electrical cabling to shore installed while underwater, wet, vs. previous models where it had to be done on dry land. This cuts down on maintenance costs and risk. 6 MW is roughly enough to power 6,000 homes. They plan to install 80 MW total.

The Atlantis supplied 1.5MW AR1500 turbine has been successfully reinstalled over the weekend and has commenced its commissioning procedures. With the reinstallation of the fourth and final turbine, MeyGen Phase 1A will now be capable of operating at its full 6 MW capacity generating full ROC and power revenues.

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