Solar PV is becoming the cheapest form of electricity.

solar pv photo
Photo by steel & silicon

Solar PV is half the price of coal and gas in many countries. This trend will accelerate. Unsubsidized solar will become the dominant and cheapest form of power worldwide. Interestingly, solar is more expensive in dinosaur countries like ours where troglodyte administrations insist coal will stage a comeback. It won’t. Renewable energy is the future. Not only is it cleaner, it’s cheaper. This from those crazed environmental radicals at Bloomberg.

While renewable energy continues to be more expensive in countries where coal and fossil fuels remain dominant, emerging projects elsewhere have managed to produce renewable electricity at lower costs. The Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF) notes in a year-end assessment that solar power is now around half the price of coal and gas, making it cheaper than wind energy, and ultimately the cheapest form of new electricity.

BNEF predicts that, while coal and gas costs will stay low, renewables will still do better and will be the cheapest in many countries between now and 2040. Liebrich also says these favorable developments will continue regardless of subsidies: “renewable energy will beat any other technology in most of the world without subsidies.”

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