Vegas shooter musings

The alt-right is going berserk trying to show Paddock somehow must be ISIS-linked / crazed libtard terrorist, anything but what he was – which was a secretive white gun nut from an area with lots of sovereign citizens. Some of the more reality-based people on the right are doing a credible job of digging into his background.

Paddocks’s brother made a huge deal of saying Paddock was smart enough to have done this completely on his own. The sheriff thinks otherwise. I don’t trust the brother.

I think Paddock was illegally dealing guns. Only a dealer would have as many guns as he had. Many of his guns sell for several thousand each. He was not a retail gun owner, IMO.

The sheriff said Paddock led a “secret life” which they were trying to uncover. Paddock’s history from 1988-2013 is unknown by all accounts I’ve read. He went to great lengths to cover his tracks, be anonymous, and pretty much remains a cipher. Few photos. No online presence.

Anders Breivik murdered 77 and planned and executed it entirely on his own. He also left a manifesto. Paddock’s motives are unknown.

Valium had nothing to do with it. Millions take Valium every day and do not slaughter innocents. And the script was expired and was only for 10 mg pills, which is nothing.

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