Navajo Nation getting clean water and electricity

Navajo Water Project

Several organizations have teamed together to provide water filtering to a Navajo school for special needs children which now, after several years, finally has drinkable, clean water. Many Navajos in the area drive miles to wells to get clean water, which they truck back to their homes. Some homes don’t have electricity.

Homes are starting to get piped in clean water and electricity via solar PV. Lots of people are working hard to make this so. Their organizations need and deserve support

Navajo Water Project. “Every American family should have running water, but 40% of Navajo Americans live without it.”

Water For Saint Michaels

Dig Deep “is not a water charity. We’re a human rights non-profit working to ensure that every American has clean, running water forever.

“Yesterday their water was black and deadly. Today everything changed.”

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