Bannon and Breitbart will be as irrelevant as Milo

Remember Milo? He had a wee little empire, then it all disintegrated mostly due to him being trapped and outed by his own extremism. Every so often now he babbles about how he has funding and lefties better watch out. Yet nothing happens. He’s yesterday’s papers.

The same thing will happen to Bannon. Rage-filled alcoholism isn’t a good way to create policy, build a political base, or make friends. Bannon has self-destructively blown up most of his bridges.

Charlottesville changed everything. People just don’t want to listen to white supremacy, deranged conspiracy theories, and the like. My prediction is Bannon and Breitbart are on a long slide down to irrelevance.

Let’s support Republicans who want to purge their party of Nazis, white supremacists, and the rest of this hate-filled lumpentrash. There are plenty of Republicans who want their party back.

Bannon was set for a graceful exit. Then Came Charlottesville.

Mr. Bannon’s physical appearance was crumbling, and his mood swings had become pronounced.

Then came Mr. Bannon’s unguarded comments to The American Prospect, published on Wednesday evening. He denigrated some colleagues, specifically identified one that he was going to see fired and said of striking North Korea, “There’s no military solution here, they got us” — a direct contradiction to the message Mr. Trump had been sending. Mr. Bannon could buy no more time.

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