Trump isn’t going to resign soon or quit willingly

Tony Schwarz, who wrote Trump’s 1987 book The Art of the Deal, thinks Trump will resign soon to avoid embarrassment. However, there’s no reason for Trump to go gracefully.

1) Trump doesn’t do graceful. It’s not in his nature. He screams and yells and bullies to get his way but this time he is up against people who can’t be intimidated. That won’t stop him from having temper tantrums.

2) Resigning means Trump will have far less power with which to fight back. The Mueller investigation will certainly be devastating for him. The NY AG investigation, which is focusing on organized crime aspects of the Trump family, could put them all in prison.

3) Resigning will not allow Trump to save face. Instead Trump will be ridiculed as worst loser president ever. He will bigly hate that.

4) Mueller will not accept immunity for Trump in return for resigning because there’s no reason for Mueller (or the country) to do so. Trump is going to fall, so there’s no reason for prosecutors to make it easier for him. Besides, IMO, Trump is a money-laundering pig and the truth needs to be known.

5) Schwarz is far too nice to Trump’s kids, who he calls “dumber versions of their father.” This implies they somehow aren’t complicit and they absolutely are, just as corrupt as Trump is.

Trump will fall, but it’ll probably be a train wreck as it happens.

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