Aggrieved white male nerds to march against Google

The belly of the beast

Oh goodness, Google should be very very scared. There could be tens of protesters protesting them on Aug 19. Alt-right nerdlings are deeply disturbed that Google just does not understand they are biologically superior and wish to express their displeasure.

I’ve helped organize marches that sometimes drew hundreds of thousands of protesters. The March on Google website is comically inept. There is no logistical information, like where to park, where to gather, where the march will go to. Or will just be a protest, with no marches, but maybe speakers at a rally?

Oh wait, having speakers and a rally requires having a sound system and a stage. That means they need a permit from the city. Negotiating permits takes time. Bureaucratic hurdles must be overcome. They might even need to buy insurance for the event. Can you hear these alt-right libertarians squealing about the indignities of having to deal with governments?

If the turnout is tiny, they can probably march on the sidewalks, obeying all traffic laws. If they want to march in the street, they will have to get a permit. The protest is 8 days away. That simply isn’t enough time to put on a protest of any size.

I wonder if they know they should probably supply porta-potties? Nothing gets a crowd crankier than no place to pee or long lines if there is a place.

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