Oh joy, now you can sleep at work

Office sleeping pod

Design students have created office furniture that allows serfs (excuse me, I meant “employees”) to take naps and sleep at work. Let’s unpack this, shall we?

First off, this is office space for supposed creatives only. Blue collar workers, back office drones, and other such lower caste unfortunates will have to make do with going home at night rather than being allowed to nap during the day then presumably working late. Which might actually be an advantage for them, come to think of it.

Have you ever been in an office where naps are allowed? Didn’t think so. The office design also offers little modules where you can grow plants and a bar. All of this is somehow supposed foster to “greater interaction between people by giving workers a chance to step away from work and exchange ideas in a more casual manner.” Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure bosses are not going to be thrilled by employees stepping away from work while at work.

The pod sleeping quarters were “inspired by Japanese capsule hotels” which generally are used by salarymen working insane hours who get knee-walking drunk after work then pass out in a pod instead of going home. Gosh, what an inspiring way of life to emulate.

The real problem with all this is it assumes your job is your life. “Oh sorry Sally, that big project you’re working on needs to be done by Monday at 9 AM, so you’ll need to work all weekend and no need to drive home to sleep, you can sleep here.”

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