The 1960s were extremely violent. We survived it. And overcame

It’s been glossed over and studiously forgotten, but the 1960s were hugely violent. Civil rights protesters were beaten, attacked by dogs, killed, as white supremacist politicians grinned. President Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Malcolm X were murdered. Cities burned in response to the assassination of MLK. Four protesters were shot and killed at Kent State, two at Jackson State. The 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention was officially called a “police riot” by the commission that investigated what happened.

Events today are indeed troubling, with alt-right crazies killing people. However, we’ve survived violent times before, and we’ll survive them again. Civil rights protesters in the 1960s sang “We shall overcome” fought heroically, and seemingly against all odds, did overcome. Yes they did. This can and will happen again.

That whole Nazi punching meme makes me a bit crazy. Richard Spencer clearly did not know how to fight. Some Nazis do. If you have to learn from a helpful social media post how to hold your fist when punching, then your first fight should not be street fighting Nazis.

Two people were killed in Portland by a deranged white supremacist. Those intervening to protect minorities in situations like this should assume the attacker has a knife or gun, and act accordingly. That’s just the reality of the situation.

Trump is going to fall from power. Everyone knows it, including his supporters. That’s why they’re going crazy now. This process will intensify as we head into the end game.

So, be smart, act smart, fight in whatever way you think best. And remember, we shall overcome.

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