Mr Robot. Trump / Russia. The murkiness of changing alliances

Elliot Alderson on Mr Robot has a certain slightly bug-eyed look when yet again something inexplicable and threatening happens. Often, what he thought was real wasn’t, or it was revealed there were levels and layers under the apparent reality. Probably lots of us are feeling that way too, as fresh Trump / Russia revelations hit mass media, then get transmitted, distorted, attacked, and defended in social media, amplifying the entire process. We’re all a bit shell-shocked.

And just who is on what side now? Neocons and lefties are teaming together on Twitter to topple Trump. Some of them have excellent sources and are breaking stories highly damaging to Trump days, sometimes weeks, before the MSM gets it. Trump’s overseas trip was such a disaster that Merkel says they can no longer rely on the US. Let that sink it. Some left-wing journalists resolutely refuse to put any credence in the Russia allegations while some right-wingers have relentlessly attacked Trump since Day One. So, choose your side, even as we all realize the sides and alliances are changing.

Where does all this go? I have bad news for those hoping it will all somehow go away quickly. It won’t. The leaks are going to escalate and damage Trump far more than he has been damaged so far. He will respond in his usual chaotic way, which will inevitably just dump more gasoline on the fire.

We are just now entering the pitched battle phase of Trump / Russia. Everything up until now has been the opening act. Prepare to be bug-eyed.


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