If it’s ok to punch a Nazi, is it also ok to bodyslam a reporter?

You’ve probably seen the horrific news that a deranged person ranting at Muslim women in Portland stabbed and killed two people who tried to intervene. You’ve also probably noticed our country is becoming unhinged. This process will accelerate as the Trump / Russia debacle goes nuclear. What’s that you say, you thought it already had gone nuclear? Not hardly. We’re barely into Act Two. The climax in Act Three awaits us.

I suggest everyone think seriously about ways to calm down and also how about to protect themselves. Follow security expert John Farnam’s advice, “Don’t go stupid places. Don’t hang out with stupid people. Don’t do stupid things.” This includes not getting into pointless arguments and confrontations in day-to-day life or on the internet. Everyone is on edge. Choose your fights. There’s no need to respond to trolls or to flip people off on the freeway if they cut you off.

If you choose to intervene in a confrontation, assume the attacker is armed. Here in Nevada where open and concealed carry is legal, I assume people will be carrying guns. That’s just the reality of the situation.

And if you get all caught up in self-righteous indignation and outrage and think someone’s needs to be punched, be aware some on the other side probably think the same about you.

Be safe out there. It’s going to get crazy. Act Three will probably be thunderous and may rip the country even further apart.

Two men were stabbed to death Friday on a light-rail train in Portland, Ore., after they tried to intervene when another passenger began “ranting and raving” and shouting anti-Muslim hate speech at two young women, police said.

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