Twitter accounts covering and exposing Trump / Russia ties

These Twitter accounts are working to topple Trump. Louise Mensch is probably the best known. Plenty of others are doing excellent work too. There is no ideology except that Trump must go.

The best way to follow them is to put them all in a Twitter list, then read the list. You can add / remove people from Twitter lists easily. How you do so depends on the platform. Generally, go to their page then look for add to list option. The image shows how on a laptop.

Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch
“Unhinged British witch” “a textbook succubus”- Russian Insider

Mensch been early and correct in much of what she says about Trump / Russia. Broke the FISA wiretap and Steele Dossier stories, many others too. Sometimes goes a bit off the rails. However the vast bulk of what she says turns out to be true. Obviously, she has great sources. She is also tireless, effective, and punches back hard against attacks.

JΞSŦΞR ✪ ΔCŦUAL³³º¹ @th3j35t3r
Cyber Minuteman ● Listed in TIME Mag 30 Most Influential Ppl on the Internet ● My laptop’s in the Intl Spy Museum DC ● Cameo role in #MrRobot ● Creator #iAWACS

Jester is anonymous and has Elliot Alderson-like hacking skills.

Claude Taylor @TrueFactsStated
Veteran of three presidential campaigns, served on White House staff (Clinton). Actively engaged in protecting and preserving our democracy.

Caroline O. @RVAwonk
#Feminist. Behavioral Scientist. “Long-time Trump critic.” Liberal in my politics & my use of snark

John Schindler @20committee
#Natsec columnist @observer, security consultant, author, provocateur, bon vivant, polyglot, counterintelligencer, cat guardian. Formerly NSA, NAVSECGRU, NWC.

Writes for multiple magazines and websites, including The Observer. Relentless in attacking Trump and exposing Trump / Russia ties.

Max Boot @MaxBoot
CFR senior fellow. Author of ‘Invisible Armies,’ ‘War Made New’ & ‘Savage Wars of Peace.’ All opinions are mine but feel free to adopt them.

Neocon. Early and implacable foe of Trump

Tom Nichols @RadioFreeTom
Author, “The Death of Expertise,” Prof at @NavalWarCollege and @HarvardEXT. Fmr US Senate aide. Sr. Cont. @FDRLST. Views my own.

Amanda Rivkin @amandarivkin
Photographer + writer | @IWMF grantee, @Invinst supported, @TrumpistanWatch | Cold War kid back in the USA 🇺🇸🇱🇻 | hope never dies | no lie lasts forever

Scott Dworkin @funder
Dem Campaigner since ’04; Co-Founder-@TheDemCoalition aka Dems Against Trump; Obama Alum; ’09 Inaug/’12 DNCC

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