How deep does the Trump / Putin rabbit hole go?

Some of you say, Bob, why all the crazy Trump / Putin conspiracy stuff? It’s because so many of Trump ties and those of his associates have murky ties with Putin and other Russian organized crime. Real estate, construction, and casinos have long been known as ways to launder money. Trump’s empire was in trouble. Dirty money from Russia bailed him out. The deal was Trump lifts sanctions on Russia then everyone makes lots of money on the newly privatized Russian oil company, and on whatever other deals they have. However, it’s blowing up in their faces, isn’t it? They weren’t expecting it to be so public

IMO, this is not about geopolitics, except for how geopolitics can be used to increase fortunes. This is about organized crime and moving dirty money around the planet. Is this a rabbit hole. Absolutely. I *like* going down rabbit holes. You never know what you will find. Sometimes it can get bumpy in them, sometimes you get mangled, sometimes it’s a dead-end. However, I don’t think this one is. Too many trails from Trump Co. lead to murky Russian money. And judging from the huge protests in many Russian cities recently, Russians are tiring of the obvious corruption in the government and society. Good.

Here’s a fine rabbit hole:

Alfa Bank, Trump Tower and a social media impeachment

I believe, in summary:

A Russian spy stole the Facebook data of hundreds of millions of Americans

From that data, Russia crafted propaganda messages via SCL and targeted them by Cambridge Analytica

Both of these were owned by Alfa Bank and Firtash, Russian agent and boss of Manafort;

In order to perfect the social media targeting Russia hacked the electoral voter databases of various key American states:

This information was fed back to Manafort and Cambridge Analytica / SCL via the means of the bank server in Trump Tower;

Manafort and Trump used terrifyingly accurate micro-targeting obtained firstly by Facebook theft but secondly by Russia obtaining the exact demographic profiles of voters through hacks of US state databases and passing it back to Cambridge Analytica.

This theory, if true, would directly connect the Russian state with the Trump campaign and mean that Trump colluded with Russian spies who were hacking America. He will be impeached for it.

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