Ralph Shortey is probably a sex addict

Republican Oklahoma State Senator Ralph Shortey, chair of a county Trump campaign and actively anti-LGBT, has been arrested for engaging in child prostitution with a 17 yo boy. Yes, I know, he’s a massive hypocrite and all. Yet I just don’t get schadenfreude, (pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune), by this. Because, this is more than just another hypocrite, it’s a self-destructive addict who just made a complete train wreck of his life. To put it crudely and also accurately, some men will follow their dicks through the Gates of Hell. Shortey is one of them.

He’s married with three kids. Imagine trying to explain the arrest and all the gory details to them. Not only has he mangled his life, he’s mangled their lives too. His behavior is very much like that of an alcoholic or drug addict spiraling downwards. He’s a sex addict. And it’s a real addiction.

“Some words are best not spoken,
some things are best not said
But since this is your public execution
I think I’m gonna go right on ahead”
— Mouse and the Traps – A Public Execution

His public execution has been complete. He’s resigned from the state senate, all his political connections are gone, and as for getting a job (if you doesn’t go to prison), no one will hire him, especially not if it involves during with the public.

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