The left should attack Trump like neocons are

Some factions on the left seem uncertain about attacking Trump on his obvious-to-me Russia ties. It’s like they must have incontrovertible proof before doing anything and besides those nice people at RT provide a platform for some of our lefties too, and isn’t that sweet of them. Hog twaddle. Trump is hugely (and rightfully) vulnerable on this. So let’s harpoon him on his Russia ties. But if someone really isn’t sure about Russia ties, then attack Trump based on his erratic governing style, obvious racism, incoherent tweet storms, or any number of other things. He is a deeply target-rich environment, so fire away, you’ll hit something.

Along with this goes inordinate amounts of moaning on the left about how horrible Trump is. It’s like somehow somewhere some leftie has not yet absorbed this so it must be endlessly repeated. This invariably has a toxic side effect of making people feel like there’s no hope. Well, that’s just a swell organizing tactic, isn’t it?

There is a faction on the right who absolutely loathes Trump. They spend little time complaining among themselves how horrible he is. Instead they are focused on how to topple him. And they are drawing blood. These are the neocons. Evan McMullin was part of a group that spent considerable money and time destroying Milo. When confronted about it, he said “Never cared much for Nazi punks.” Louise Mensch, former Tory MP, broke the story about the FISA wiretap on Nov. 7 and also broke the story about the Steele Dossier, which was immediately attacked as being conspiracy garbage and has now been validated as being essentially correct.

Much of this is happening on Twitter, where people from all over the political spectrum share information. McMullin makes a point of saying we may disagree on many other things but agree on toppling Trump. I agree. Let’s get it done.

Evan McMullin @Evan_McMullin
Louise Mensch @LouiseMensch
John Schindler @20committee
Max Boot @MaxBoot
Scott Dworkinn @funder (leftie, follows the money)
Adam Khan @Khanoisseur (not sure what his politics are)


  1. I keep hearing you use derogatory
    remarks about “lefties”, what exactly is your definition of a “leftie”, it seems a rather vague term. Once you topple Trump will you replace him with a nice president like Obama, Clinton or Bush? That’ll sort the world out and we will all be that much happier.

  2. After Trump comes Pence.
    That may be worse.
    But NOT a reason not to de-Trump.
    A reason to prepare to de-Pence.
    And a reason to prepare to de-Ryan.
    And a reason to prepare to de-Hatch.
    And a reason to consider a pause
    before deciding to de-Tillerson. ;-)))

  3. #getPence first.

    Also come up with some policies that the left can work on. Stop attacking Trump only because he’s a lying jerk. Congress is destroying lots of stuff right now. That’s what matters and will affect us.

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