Finally, goodbye to Yahoo Mail

It’s hard to understand how Yahoo managed to screw itself up so badly. But it did. There was a time when it ruled the internet. But then it repeatedly damaged itself while Google grabbed its empire from it.

I’ve used Yahoo Mail as a backup email account for years, primarily for recovery emails if not able to use an account like Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter. However, it’s a garbage email client with a nonexistent spam killer. Oh, it says it has one, yet logging into Yahoo Mail every few weeks shows hundreds of spam emails in the main folder. Yet Gmail handles spam just fine, and is free. I couldn’t access Yahoo Mail at all recently for several days because the login screen froze. Finally got into it yesterday, then had to do a password recovery which then for inexplicable reasons, logged me out of Facebook, forcing me to log back into that too. This is just amateur hour.

So, I decided to look for a replacement for Yahoo Mail that was cheap or free, ultra reliable, from a vendor who isn’t going to go away or go idiot on me, and discovered I already had that as a subscriber to Office 365. Hello Outlook, glad to see you again. And goodbye forever Yahoo Mail.

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