Self-important vanity building

Hey, let’s create a skyscraper that deliberately looks unstable so we can show how clever we are. Further, let’s give no thought to foolish concerns like long-term maintenance and let’s situate it someplace where traffic in and out of it will cause maximum congestion. This will just be totally epic. We also need to insure that no icky people or even normals think they are free to enter, so we’ll need lots of guards and cameras. It’ll be a giant wobbly phallus reaching to the sky and will surely make a Statement.

This is a building that will never be renovated”¦ that has no capacity for adaptive re-use, which is the foundation of enduring urbanism. That’s the trouble with these CAD stunts: they produce buildings so unprecedented that there is no extant knowledge about their long-term maintenance and renovation. It’s especially problematic where contemporary fabricated modular materials are concerned because the builders assume that these things will be available far off in the future. #Big Mistake. #Faulty Assumption. The bottom line will be a stupendous waste of money and, sooner rather than later, another techno-narcissistic white elephant cluttering up the urban scene.

My favorite touch in the rendering, though, is the eight-lane expressway that the building is located on. They complement each other perfectly.

From the comments, heh.

Computer-aided-design? Looks to me more like alcohol-aided-design.

Also gonna be a bitch to do those windows with standard scaffolding.

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