The Steakhouse at Circus Circus. High end food, low end venue

We had dinner last night at The Steak House at Circus Circus. High end, old school steak house with  excellent waiters and food. The “petite” steaks were at least a pound each!

Circus Circus itself was built in 1963 is aging, not well-maintained, has signs in parking lots and hotels saying warning warning danger danger, watch your valuables and lock up everything. It also has Adventuredome, with short circus acts and a bazillion video and arcade games, plus the steak house, which is one of the best in Vegas.

It’s so low-end the doors to the main lobby don’t open automatically, was paid for long ago, sits on the north end of The Strip on a whopping 63 acres, and judging from the crowds last night, still makes steady money.

Contrast the warning signs at Circus Circus to a high-end place like Wynn, which has no such signs. However, anyone attempting to break into a car or do any kind of violence at Wynn will almost certainly be confronted with armed ex-military security.

Whatever you want in Vegas is here. $40 a night rooms? No problem. $10,000 a night rooms? Step right up.

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