Military veterans, PTSD, and heroin

Just heard about the tragic death at 28 of a vet with PTSD who overdosed on heroin. That’s way too early to die. He leaves a heartbroken family.

We treat our vets badly. Deaths like these happen too often and are not isolated instances, they are a societal problem. The rate of addiction to alcohol and drugs is much higher in those with PTSD, no doubt because they are self-medicating.

I was strung out on meth in my late teens. I don’t know why some of us die too young and others manage to survive addictions.

A song about addiction from a guy who survived it.

“I can quit
Let me finish what I got
After all, this stuff
Sure costs a lot
Then I’ll get my feet
Back on the ground

You know I’m still
As crazy as a loon
Even though I don’t run out
And cop a spoon
But thank the good lord
God, I had enough.”

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