How would driverless Uber cabs even work in Vegas?

Following up my  previous post about the certain chaos if Headless Uber cars try to pick up clubgoers in Los Angeles. I was thinking about Vegas, where I live now. Having a driverless cab take you from, say, the airport to a casino hotel on The Strip or Downtown, would almost certainly be problematic.

I’ll use two examples The Golden Nugget downtown and Caesar’s Palace on The Strip.

The address of The Golden Nugget is 129 Fremont Street Experience. However, that is a canopied walk street. To check in, you enter on S. Casino Center Rd. How will a driverless car know a) not to drive on a walk street and b) that the actual entrance to a casino isn’t its address?

Caesar’s Palace is a ginormous 34 acres. Its address is 3570 S Las Vegas Blvd. Will a Headless Uber car know enough to drive in the driveway to drop the passenger off or will it simply stop on The Strip itself to let the passenger out, creating a traffic jam. How about if a passenger wants to go to the Forum Shops at Caesar’s (not shown in photo)? How will it know where to drop off for any of the other stores, restaurants, and facilities at Caesar’s. After dropping off a passenger, the driverless car will then need to find its way out through a maze of twisty roads and driveways that are always crowded. Good luck with that.

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