Let’s review the train wreck that was the Clinton campaign

Wikileaks published emails showing the Clinton campaign deliberately tried to influence the Republican primary so an extreme candidate would be chosen. Presumably they thought Bush or Rubio would be harder to beat than Trump, Cruz, or Carson. That worked out well, didn’t it?

Biden says Hillary never really figured out why she wanted to run, which begs the question, then why did she run?

The campaign was run by a database program called Ada. Ada was right about some things and completely wrong about Rust Belt voters. Computer programmers have a phrase for this, “Garbage In, Garbage Out.”

Her campaign was repeatedly told by her own staffers on the ground in the Midwest and by Sanders’ staffers that Trump was gaining fast. They were told to STFU.

Hillary strategy was to separate Trump from the Republican Party and attack him personally. This was so they would not alienate mythical Republicans in the suburbs and made it impossible for Clinton to side with the traditional base of the Democratic Party, the working class, which Trump then grabbed.

The cynical triangulation strategy of ignoring the base to appeal to other voters was devised by the Clintons. It was always a rotten strategy and just blew up in their faces.

Part of her pitch was she would run a super competent campaign. Instead, it was one of the worst in modern history.

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