Men and women are attacked differently. The best fight is no fight

Active Response Training, an excellent site about security and defense, details the differences between how men and women are attacked, in their review of The Little Black Book of Violence, which focuses on why men fight and are attacked, rather than straight self-defense. The best fight is one you never have to fight. Their advice for avoiding trouble and violence is “Don’t do stupid things. Don’t hang with stupid people. Don’t go stupid places.” Works for me…

From the Amazon book review:

Every time you engage in violence, no matter how small or trivial it may appear to be at the time, it has the potential of escalating into something extraordinarily serious. What is really worth fighting for when you might find yourself spending the rest of your life behind bars, confined to a wheelchair, or trying to dig yourself out of bankruptcy from beneath the crushing weight of a civil lawsuit? It is important to ask yourself, “Is this really worth fighting over?” While in some instances the response could legitimately be “Yes,” more often than not it ought to be “No.”

One advantage women have is surprise, as you can see in the video. The attacker probably wasn’t thinking she would do a well-placed groin kick then kick him in the face.

Observations about the chart:

Men think about things in a different way, process information differently, and are exposed to different dangers than women. So why should we have one general set of “rules” for handling the broad spectrum of violence that occurs across both genders?

We shouldn’t. While some individual pieces of advice work well for both sexes, there isn’t a lot of overlap in the combatives world. Take a look at these generalized differences in patterns of criminal attack between men and women.

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