The Fourth Transformation. Robert Scoble and Shel Israel

The first transformation was mainframes, followed by text-based operating systems like DOS. These were supplanted by graphical interfaces like Windows and Macs, which include smartphones. The fourth transformation is underway now, AR / MR/ VR glasses will replace smartphones as a primary device. Think a Caterpillar mechanic using AR glasses to look at the manual when repairing equipment. This is already happening.Or think walking into a store an seeing sales displayed in your glasses for items you are interested in. This may seem odd now. It will become completely routine.

Some of the advances are mind boggling, like blind people being able to see using an AR receiver transmitting to a chip implanted behind the retina which sends the data to the brain, allowing the person to see. Lowe’s is using Google Tango phone infrared features to read dimensions of a room and map where sofas, cabinets could go and allow you to view them. The next step of course is AR googles allowing you to view it 3D doing a walkthrough.

There are huge numbers of possibilities and applications for the fourth transformation, most of which will be beneficial and useful (as long as we can turn off the ads from beacons in stores when we want to.) This technology can and will be misused, jacked, and manipulated by evildoers intent on fleecing, manipulating, and tracking us. The book discusses this. We need to insure this does not become the fourth tyrantsformation.

As always in books written by Israel and Scoble, the style is straight-forward, hugely informative, and written in a conversational style with lots of examples explaining their broader concepts.

I read this on a Kindle using my iPhone to look up links. Perhaps I will read their next book using AR glasses

Highly recommended. The fourth transformation is coming. They help us understand it now.

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