What to do when caught in riot situations

Ballistic Radio has solid, down to earth info on what to do if you’re at a protest that looks like it’ll turn seriously violent or if you’re just driving by and get caught in one. They interview Greg Ellifritz, a cop who runs the excellent Active Response Training, which also has useful self-protection info.

If you’re at a protest, watch for warning signs. If the tempo changes, smiles vanish, and people start putting on hoodies, it’s probably time to leave. If things get really dicey, walk along walls quietly moving away from the area. Do not run, that could attract attention and you might get chased. Keep arms up and in front peacefully making a way for you to get out.

If you’re in a car, always pay attention. Know alt routes. Leave enough space between you and other cars so you have room to turn around. If your car is surrounded and they start breaking the windows, drive slowly, not fast. If it’s life-threatening, you can use the car as a weapon. Be aware you may have to justify to law enforcement what you did. Do not drive fast. Hitting a 200 lb. person at 50 mph could disable your car. And they then mob will be really pissed.

Use social media to monitor protests and be aware that Waze can be hacked with phony reports to funnel traffic to a predetermined area.

“When you start seeing indications that the crowd is changing in temperament from one of maybe protest to one of violence you really need to get out of there as quickly as you can.” — Greg Ellifritz

The Mob Rules (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 186, November 20th, 2016)


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