FBI has made few coherent statements during Hillary email brouhaha


Honestly, I think FBI press releases and statements about Hillary’s emails are generated by chimpanzees in a back room who are somehow stuck in a 1950’s button-down government-speak mindset. Their release today was a perfect example. Omigod, is FBI investigating Hillary AGAIN? Well, actually no. It appears the FBI is focusing on Anthony and his wagging weiner.

Anyone (on either side) could easily be forgiven for being confused by the FBI’s tone-deaf, oblique, difficult-to-understand initial statement. However – and this is the crucial point – just about all their statements are this garbled. Is there something in FBI corporate culture that precludes them from communicating important facts in an understandable manner? Yes, I think there is.

Reality check! It was just a few months ago partisans on the right were howling Comey secretly favored Bat Demoness Hillary. Today, for a while, some on the left were absolutely sure Comey was an Agent of Evil for Trump.

Neither is true. I really think the FBI manages to garble their messages so badly no one really is quite sure what they mean, especially at first.

(My father once gave seminars to the federal government, training people to write and communicate understandably. It was an uphill battle then, and still is. Did I mention he once found a sentence in a federal regulation that was 813 words long?)

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