Getting out the vote for Clinton in Nevada

Nevada flag
The state slogan of Nevada is “battle born”, which is particularly apt this campaign season. Nevada is a swing state with a hugely important Senate race. 538 now has Hillary winning here. The race to replace retiring Senator Harry Reid is close, with Republican Heck maybe slightly ahead of Democrat Masto. The Adelson-Journal (excuse me, I of course meant to say the Review-Journal) used a highly suspect voter sample  in their recent polls, and even then have both races deadlocked. In truth, Clinton is surging and her coattails will help Masto.

Millions of dollars have been coming from outside groups for both races.  This week the Democrats start bringing in the big guns. Sen. Warren will speak in Vegas on Tuesday with Masto and VP candidate Tim Kaine will be here Thursday. The result will be determined by turnout and in this Democrats have an edge over badly organized Republicans.

It all comes down to Get Out The Vote. I’ve doing grunt work for the Clinton campaign, entering voter registration and phone banking data into their voter tracking system. It’s boring but crucial. This data is used to get volunteers and come election day, to GOTV by calling Hillary supporters urging them to vote and offering rides to polls.

The Democratic vote tracker software is well-thought-out. Phone bank callers have nine names per sheet of paper when they fill in information on the calls. The voter tracking software also displays nine names per page, making it easy to enter the data, as the names are in the same order as on the calling sheets. After filling in any data for the nine, there is a time-saving button to make the remaining Not Home, which is what most calls are.

Elections are won and lost with data like this. The more you GOTV, the better the chances for winning.

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