Canadian leftists vow move to US if Trump wins because Glorious Revolution

underpants gnomes

Finally, a brave and enlightened group of radicals in Canada understands what a wonderful opportunity a Trump victory would be for true revolution in the US!

Step 1. Trump creates chaos. U.S. rips apart. There might even be a constitutional crisis and riots in the streets. Woo-hoo!
Step 2. …
Step 3. Workers emerge victorious after smashing Trump and capitalism.

What’s that you ask, what is Step 2 and why does this sounds like the South Park underpants gnomes? Gosh, do I have to explain everything. Trump creates such repression that millions of people of color suffer, financial interests decide the US has gone bonkers and bail out, causing a stock market crash. Supply chains become disrupted. People starve and riot. Would not the opportunities for class warfare then be wondrous indeed? I mean millions may suffer so a few self-appointed lefties can lead the revolution, but hey, you gotta break eggs to make an omelet.

Fear not, the cadres at Worker’s Spatula in Canada are ready!

You see, in our analysis, a Trump victory would be a gift—a historical, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to undermine the great Satan and drastically reconstitute the very world in which we live. Yes, if Trump is elected, I call on all Canadians to move to the United States.

But after a Trump victory, how long can it possibly take before the contradictions of capitalism force radical change in one direction or other?

Oh, some might opine it could take years or decades and maybe never happen at all. And there might be lots of dead bodies in the meanwhile Clearly, such mockers are blind sheeple.

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  1. .@TribeRess @TheRebelTV And Canada if we don't take care of the festering, leftist disease that has infiltrated everything! #cdnpoli #roft + Ä°lave olarak Think I've won debates with about 10 leftists this week,each & every one of them then blocked me. #DontDebateBlock is their mantra #cdnpoli

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