KeyMe changes everything about making keys

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Kiosks to make keys are already at Lowes, Walmart, etc. However KeyMe is leapfrogging ahead of the competition. Their kiosks can clone car keys, including transponders. Their smart phone apps can scan a key then mail you a duplicate. Key scans can be saved on their cloud and shared with trusted friends. A locksmith can duplicate a key based on the saved scan.

Clearly this can be hugely helpful as well as being an obvious security risk.If someone hacks into their cloud they theoretically could have access to keys worldwide. Their website says ‘Do Not Duplicate’ keys should not be cloned. However, just like existing key kiosks, they can’t prevent it from happening. Kiosks just look at the actual key part, not where the ‘Do Not Duplicate’ message is. This is probably also true of smart phone apps too.

And, um, if KeyMe can clone transponders, then who else can too?.

The shiny new KeyMe kiosk supports the majority of automotive keys, and can even clone transponders, saving car owners a fat stack of dollars in the process. Fob-style smart keys can cost a huge amount of money, but KeyMe’s versions range from $20 to $60.

Another tech-enabled innovation is the ability to save digitized versions of keys to the KeyMe cloud. If a customer needs another copy, it can be printed without the original key being present.

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