No Manches Frida

no manches frida

Zequi gets released from prison for bank robbery, tries to recover money his dingbat stripper girlfriend buried, only to discover a high school was built on top on it. He gets a job as a teacher there so he can unbury the money. The students are Worst Ever, and make life impossible for teachers. He’s basically a lovable asshole. And of course there is a love interest.

Go see it. It’s fun, silly, predictable and, added bonus, Zequi and accomplice plan another robbery with one wearing a Donald Trump mask. Subtitles in English.

Rotten Tomatoes reviews:

No Manches Frida is a screwball comedy that is very entertaining and highly enjoyable. The cast has great chemistry and comedic timing. While the plot is focused on Zequi and Lucy, it is the younger cast who steal the show and ultimately make the movie. No Manches Frida is highly entertaining but it is highly unoriginal. Because of that I can only award so much praise to the film seeing that it is merely a recast of a already made movie [from Germany]

A really, really funny movie…..must watch…hilarious muy muy Chistosa, realmente la recomiendo..

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