Wikileaks doesn’t include crucial data, threatens reporters

chihuahua growling
Fear me nations of the world, I am Wikileaks

The completely reliable, transparency-loving Wikileaks somehow “forgot” to include crucial email in a data dump. Then threatened journalists who reported it.

This of course is further proof that nothing Wikileaks says or leaks can be assumed to be true, reliable, and not manipulated to serve their political ends.

I find it comical that Wikileaks struts about ordering nations and journalists what to do. The hammer will, sooner rather than later, come down upon them extremely hard. It’s really stupid for a chihuahua to pretend it’s a pit bull.

Wikileaks in 2012 published emails from Syrian government officials obtained by hackers, but the website did not include an email noting that the Syrian regime transferred more than $2 billion to a state-owned Russian bank, according to a Daily Dot report published on Friday.

Wikileaks denied that it purposefully excluded the record from the trove of emails it published, and the transparency group threatened retribution against reporters at the Daily Dot if they continued to report on the document.”

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