Our craven mainstream media mostly cares about clicks and revenue


“Hey, some lunatic Trump supporters are saying anyone who opposes deporting all Muslims, even if they are citizens, should be dragged through the streets, then shot.”

“Dude, that’s crazy.”

“I know, but if we run big stories about it and have one of our bullshit panels of supposed experts pontificate about it, I bet we get a shit ton of clicks and then ad revenue will spike.”

“Awesome, let’s do it.”

The Field Negro says this is all about making sure the race stays close. Journalistic integrity and afflicting the comfortable are quaint echoes of a bygone past. Worst of all, cable news (by far the worst offender here) pretends to “objective” and “unbiased” when in truth, they cheerlead any insanity, including white nationalism, in hopes of boosting ratings. They give equal time to hate-spewing rage-filled bigots and pretend this makes them neutral.

“The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis” – Dante Alighieri

If you listen to and watch some in the political chattering class you would think that Hillary’s sloppiness with her e-mails and ignorance about her e-mail server is the same as being a bigot, a liar, or flat out sociopath. I can assure you field hands that it is not.

What we are witnessing now is probably the most shameful period in American journalism, where the candidacy of a man who is probably the most dangerous to ever run for the office of president is being normalized.

There are, of course, exceptions. Good for Soledad O’Brien for calling out her colleagues today.

It would have been nice if they heard her. But sadly, we know that they won’t. What she is saying just doesn’t fit the corporate media agenda.

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