People you see in supermarket checkout lines

People waiting in line with shopping baskets at grocery store

1) The middle-aged woman, who seems quite nice, and moves slowly, especially while pondering which of her 47 credit or debit cards to use, then usually gets at least a couple of the PIN numbers wrong.
2) The dodgy young couple whose every card is declined. Of course, they have no cash, and then try to pay with a third-party check or money order. Right. This generally ends with the manager being summoned and the couple leaving the store with nothing.
3) The immigrant who seems completely baffled by the whole process, barely speaks English, and who sometimes has a child or grandchild helping them along. I confess to being baffled by this as most other countries have payment by debit or credit card too.
4) The coupon shopper with 30 coupons, several of which don’t apply to what they are buying. This often leads to lengthy discussions, sometimes heated, about why that can of diced tomatoes is 99 cents when it should be 69 cents. Added bonus. After paying, they look at the items listed then come back because they think a coupon discount wasn’t taken.
5) The woman who insists if the total is $32.71 she, by God, will find the 71 cents so she can give exact change. It’s in the bottom of her purse somewhere, she knows it is. Sometimes there is a purse dump on the checkout counter to find the remaining dime.
6) The guy that goes to the local market at at least once a month, forgets his wallet, so they ring it up. He goes back home, gets his wallet, and returns to pay. They probably call him the Guy Who Forgets His Wallet, and giggle. That would be me…

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